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Rhys Davis

Best butcher around, the grass fed beef is insanely good..

Beau Gieskens

Always quality meat at good prices. The people are super friendly too.

Jonathan Gledhill

I have to admit I am amazed by this butchers - I recently moved to Lawnton and thanks to the big signs shouting about the pretty amazing offers I decided to venture in and have a look. Boy was I glad I did! I found a huge variety of the best quality meat that I have ever laid my eyes on! I have had the opportunity to try a few things from here and the quality quickly won me over and ensured that I would stay away from supermarket meat for evermore. The quality of the meat shines through in both taste and looks and the prices are just amazing compared with many supermarkets. The service is good too and I would recommend this butchers to absolutely anyone!

Rodney Adams

We bought a lot of meats for our freezer back at Easter. This week we thawed and cooked a leg of pickled pork from our stash. Our guests thought it was the best they had ever tasted. A combination of how I cooked it and how you pickled it. Perfect! We will be back soon for another buy up. Thanks

Tony Price

With 2 meat loving teenage boys to feed, I really love Warby's butchers! We especially love their T-bone trays, eye fillet ,chicken breast and kebabs. Great value and quality meat with friendly service,I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my meat!

Deon Holland

Warby's Lawnton sell good quality meats at great competitive prices. The staff are friendly and accommodating and we have now signed up to the email list to find out about weekly specials and one day sales. Our family faves are the chicken schnitzel, budget rump (sliced free) and the chicken breast.

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Custom and Bulk Orders

Warby's is more than able to provide you with Custom Made or Specialised Orders to suit any requirement. We can even arrange bulk orders for all special events or even larger sporting event needs. Simply call Marty, Jay or Davy directly 07 38899555 to discuss your needs and time frames.


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