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lynne lillington

The only place I buy my meat . The staff go to extra lengths to help customers, cutting and trimming to my desired thickness. The quality is exceptional and I've never had a bad cut. The meat loaves are my family favourite, along with the mini roasts. On of the few places you can get seafood and croc in one shop to impress guests. One stop for a quick BBQ, marinated packs ,my weight watchers mince, and a good range of sausages . i could go on but just go down yourself you wont be disappointed . 

Melissa Bramblet

My favorite place to buy meat! Great prices and great selection. Love their weekly and weekend specials! Been buying from them for 2 years and haven't had a bad piece of meat yet! Keep up the good work!

T Sal

Brisbane Northsides - Hands down best Butcher for quality and cut of meats with everyday pricing making the family budget for meals so easy. Warbys has a range of here own made flavoured snags perfectfor the grill of the BBQ. The high standard and range of quality meats if asked will be cut free to yr portion size or individual needs. Always recieved great service and helpful advice from any of the boys behind the counter.. Warbys meats just have "Butchers Hook" at any Warby store and you will undestand why all our family and friends buy all our meat products from Warburtons Butchers. Tsal

Kelly Mihaka

Highly recommend. Did our bulk buy from here for a sad occasion we had within our family. We ordered our meat over the phone. Staff were so polite and helpful. Had our meat all chopped up and cut down to the size we requested without extra charge. The amount of meat we got for what we paid for was A for Awesome 👌. Not knowing my way in Brisbane or Northside for that matter as I've just recently moved here (Google was my friend :) Big Ups to this awesome business and friendly staff 

Jon L

Vary Good Meat Had Korean Pork Chops Vary Tender and other beef and chicken was all-so amazing!

Peter Dowse

Great butcher, quality meat, friendly staff and great prices. What more can you ask for?

Daniel Hunt

Everything I have bought from these guys has been fresh, real and extremely great value! Definitely recommend this butcher to anyone looking for quality meat!

Scott Dux

Quality meat, great service & awesome price! Great stuff Warby's! Cheers!!!

Monique Moore

The staff are so helpful & friendly. Great value for money too.

Andrew McColl

I've been a regular shopper at Warburton's Lawnton for many years now. I'm impressed with the quality of the meat I've bought, the very competitive prices for bulk orders, and the polite service from the Warburton's staff. I'll be back!

Lisa Davis

Warby’s best place in Brisbane to get your meat.. We drive considerable klms to get to their stores and we do so because the service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble. The guys are amazing and helpful and go out of their way. Their specials are awesome when they mark their trays down when they still have heaps of days left before expiry – they truly are good specials. Not like Coles and Woolies that only give you 1 or 2 days before the meat is not useable. Their products are superior and affordable! Will take alot to get me to change from Warby’s! (not that I intend to)

Pamela Wise

I've never had a bad "meat experience" or a bad experience point blank, at Warby's Lawnton - which is something I can not say about any other butchers in the area! We've tried other butchers and nothing compares to Warby's really. We love the Chicken Breast sausages, and have not found a butcher anywhere else that can put as much flavour into those sausages as Warby's can. They are to die for full of flavour! I also love the fact I can go in and put in an order a large pork shoulder (usually around 4KG) and come back in a couple of days to pick it up, and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. We spice rub that bad boy up and then slow and low BBQ smoke that for about 9 hours until it is fall apart tender and juicy as! We've tried other butchers for our pork shoulder, but we've always been disappointed with a very fatty chunk of meat that didn't live up to our expectations, but NOT at Warby's! We've never been given bad pork shoulders ever! I also love the fact you go in and the staff are friendly and talkative and do ask how your day has been - other butchers you can go in and WAIT for someone to feel like serving you! Warby's know what customer service is and how to please customers. I like that!

Katrina Wilson

Great specials to feed the family and stick with budget. Good quality meat to top it off! 

Maternity SuperStore

We have been purchasing our family's meat from Warby's (warburtons butchers) at Lawnton for some years now. We have always found the meat to be tender and very good value for money . With easy front door parking and very friendly helpful knowledgeable staff/butchers. We would highly recommend Warby's to everyone ------ Great job Warby's 

Emma Johnson

Chicken breast schnitzels are amazing ! So moist and fresh. love Everything at Warby's always quality meat and very reasonable prices !!!

Benjamin Wylie

Warby's came highly recommended from my in-laws. We recently moved into Lawnton area and have been impressed by the great meat range and professional service! Their prices are fantastic and we have never ever been disappointed by Warby's quality. Warby's is now my 1st recommendation to anyone i meet!

Joseph Marshall

A great place to buy good quality meat in bulk. It has saved us a heap of money feeding our family!

Gwynne Meredith

Warbys you are the best.
Warbys put the rest to the test.
friendly, helpful and always with a smile.
the staff always go the extra mile.

Mark Dart

Love the special deals - especially the chicken breast - just bought another 30 kilos it is the best and freshest around! Mark & Carol

Stephen O

On the Saturday 23/5/2015 I went into Warby's at Lawnton to place an order. The shop was at it's usual frantic pace with the butchers serving as quickly and politely as possible. My order was an unusual one as all the products needed to be CryovackedI. I asked for a pen and paper so I could write down an order and give it to them. I strolled around and wrote down the amount I needed and how big the portions had to be. I asked if I could collect the order on Wednesday and was told this would be fine. On arrival Wednesday the order was boxed and waiting for me to collect. I have been using Warburton Butchers now for around 20yrs and have yet to be let down by them.

Taniela Nuku

My Favourite Butcher, Quality meat and there's always a great deal going, just check your emails if you have registered. Friendly service with a smile and they cut your steaks for free!

Jess Kliese

Have been buying meat from you for a long and I have recommended your store to a lot of other people who will now only buy from you and they now recommend you to their friends. I have never had any bad tasting meat from here. I also like the variety of meat products you have.

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